Our vending solutions are tailored to fit the specific needs of our customers. Our project managers will survey your site and directly address the pain points in the supply chain process. We provide full analytics, reporting, and customization to the data flow. SureStockPRO takes inventory management to the next level.

Traditional Vending –ToolBox

  • Secure vending of up to 70 different items
  • Rapid transaction time
  • Ideal for small and high volume inventory

Carousel/Locker Vending – ProStock / ProLock

  • Customizable storage locations for bulky inventory
  • Ideal for high variety / low piece count inventory
  • Predominantly used for high value inventory
  • Multiple levels of security depending on your needs

Passive Vending – WeighStation

  • Precision scales monitor inventory by weight
  • High accountability and product visibility
  • Machine layout is custom designed specific to your needs
  • Authenticate. Open. Take! Yes, it is that easy!