An easy way to get the job done right
If you need packaged solutions for industrial applications, our Power Solutions Group (PSG) is standing by to help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re an industrial end-user or a contractor working on a complex project, OneSource has the expertise to make the process simple. We’ll ensure you get all the help you need and all the products that are required packaged into one solution. Work with us to take on the burden of determining exactly what you need to get the job done easily and to get it done right.


  • We provide solutions ranging from 480v to 230Kv for customers in industries such as:
    – Food and Beverage
    – Water / Wastewater
    – Renewables; including Solar, Hydro, Wind, and Geothermal

    – Utilites
    – Agriculture / Greenhouses
    – Data Centers


  • Work directly with our highly experienced and knowledgeable team to determine the full scope of needs for your project
  • Our team prides itself on professional project management. From project quotation to managing post-shipment warranty service