Make OneSource your one stop for EV charging solutions 
U.S. Electric vehicle sales increased by 81% in 2018. Up to 6% of parking spaces for new facilities in California are required to be reserved for installation of EV charging equipment.  In the next three years, multiple car companies will manufacture only electrified vehicles. And, many public vehicle fleets will soon be all-electric. With project management support, detailed knowledge of energy codes, and full project warehousing solutions to ensure you fast and reliable delivery, OneSource is your one stop for EV charging solutions. We partner with leading suppliers and follow best practices to ensure you are in compliance today and that your infrastructure is ready for the future. 


  • Full project management based on industry best practices
  • Expert knowledge of energy codes and the products you need to fulfill requirements
  • Understanding of all available rebates and full rebate claim management
  • Fast and reliable delivery dates
  • Warehousing and full project delivery
  • Partnerships with leading hardware and software providers


    Ensure that your job gets done on time, that it’s up to code, that you have leveraged all available rebates. Know your hardware is ready today the software you’ll need to install tomorrow, and that you won’t exceed the capacity of your electrical infrastructure. Whether you’re looking to power your fleet or take advantage of an EV charging station revenue stream, OneSource is the partner you can trust to do it right.