Are you aware of the state of your infrastructure?

Being uninformed about your equipment’s status can leave you vulnerable to a variety of obsolescence, safety and compliance risks. To avoid these problems, you need a thorough evaluation of your plant’s assets. As a Rockwell Authorized Service Provider, OneSource can help. 


  • Increased knowledge about operation equipment
  • Guided lifecycle projection for equipment
  • Ability to track repairs and replacements
  • Monitor age of devices (Active, Active Mature, End of Life, Discontinued)

STEP 1: Assessment 
We collect data on site and analyzes the results 

STEP 2: Planning
We determine plant life-cycle risks & inventory status

STEP 3: Execution
We present the analysis, recommendations & actions


Get valuable insight of your network and possible vulnerabilities, while we guide you in the appropriate direction to ensure stability and security of your network and operation.

Step 1: Network or Cyber Security Discovery 

  • Easy place to start
  • Entry level pricing
  • Helps you identify the next step

Step 2: Network Assessment

  • Complete Network Assessment: Helps you identify weak points in your existing infrastructure
  • Thorough Cyber Security Assessment: Identifies your industrial networks vulnerability
  • Physical Infrastructure  Assessment: Will highlight the need for stable and secure physical layer

Step 3: Network Logical or Physical Design

  • Stable network with advancing future bandwidth
  • A secure network against cyber attacks
  • A solid physical layer for all environments


Lockout/tagout refers to the proper shut-down, and locking or tagging, of equipment and machines to help protect employees from hazardous energy exposure during maintenance or repair.

Results of a LOTO Assessment are:

  • Ensuring Adequate Procedures
  • Maintaining Up-to-date Training
  • Maintaining Compliance
  • Ensuring Proper Documentation


Arc Flash Studies provide an effective means to evaluate and inform employees on arc flash hazards when exposed to live electrical components.

Our Arc flash services include training, site evaluation, and risk reduction recommendations. An analysis provides a comprehensive approach to help improve the safety of your employees working with energized electrical panels.

Results of an Arc Flash Study are:

  • Increased Competency
  • Improved Documentation
  • Risk Reduction
  • Maintained Compliance