Rockwell Automation is the largest company in the world that is dedicated to industrial automation and information. Take advantage of their many webinars scheduled across various industries  offering industry best practices, new tools and technology education, and Q&A with industry experts. 


LIVE Webinars

APRIL 27, 2021   |    11:00AM-12:00PM (PST)

LIVE! Understanding TotalFORCE Technology

This webinar will outline the three pillars of TotalFORCE technology: high performance control, real-time operational intelligence, and automated commissioning and optimization, and explain how they can help you achieve these outcomes.

At the end of this presentation, with the help of our experts Jim Finiak and Sayantani Ganguly, you should understand the value of choosing a PowerFlex Drive with TotalFORCE technology for your next project.

MAY 13, 2021   |    8:00AM-9:00AM (PST)

LIVE! Modern HMI in the Food and Beverage Industry

This webinar discusses HMI options to help maximize uptime while providing operator friendly conditions. We will also explore some of the newest features available in Rockwell HMI software to speed design and deployment of applications and provide operators with the contextual data they need to make decisions.

Rockwell Focused Webinar Series


Digital Thread-Connect Critical Business Functions

Accelerate digital transformation with a unified enterprise approach. 

A digital thread is the trail of information collected throughout the lifecycle of a product, asset, system, or process. This digital record provides the entire value chain with universal access to unified digital data captured during design, virtual simulation, and physical operations. 

Is Your OT Data Driving Enterprise-level Insights?

Is Your OT Data Driving Enterprise Level Insights

Creating an intelligent enterprise begins with capturing the right data in the right context. In today’s competitive industrial marketplace, having fast access to intelligent, actionable operational data is required for success. While machines used by industrial customers generate more data than ever before—with potentially thousands of data points per system—this large volume of OT data is disorganized and undefined, locked in heterogenous devices and siloed systems. 

3 Ways to Ease Software and Firmware Management

Have you ever lost track of what control software you own and what version is used where?

The reality of manufacturing is that it takes a blend of technologies, including software, to go from inbound raw material to outbound finished product. Keeping everything organized can be a daunting task at best. If you're struggling to manage your software assets, join speaker Justin Wengatz – Rockwell Automation, to learn how you can gain visibility and streamline your ability to support your software.

Arc Flash Hazards and Arc Resistant Equipment

Uncover the "how-to" of implementing arc resistant equipment within typical industrial or commercial facilities.

Protect your Industrial Networks from Ransomware

Industrial networks are critical to your operations, therefore valuable to attackers. A vulnerable network can lead to intentional or unintentional ransomware, impacting your production and your business’s bottom line.  

Prioritize People in Digital Transformation

A digital transformation won't create new results until your people are ready to embrace the change.

Choosing the Right Servo Drive Control

Are all the Kinetix® Servo Drive choices driving you crazy? We cover all the scalable servo drive control options in the webinar. 

Modernize to a CompactLogix 5380

Change is inevitable. Make your upgrades and modernization an easy transition.

Access to Automation Software

It can be a daunting task to justify the purchase of software to get your job done, let alone deploy and manage it once the purchase is approved. Don't worry, help has arrived! Rockwell Automation now offers software as a subscription (SaaS), learn more in this webinar. 

Optimize Your Production Process
A modern manufacturing execution system (MES) can help you gain deeper insights into your operations, optimize production from your existing assets and be more responsive to the needs of your customer. Learn how you can become more efficient, track and trace your production and use analytics to help optimize your operations.

The Digital Transformation

In this webinar we discuss why many initial efforts are slow to deliver meaningful results and how to ultimately realize the significantly impactful outcomes a comprehensive digital transformation should deliver.