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LIVE WEBINAR : RSView 32 Modernization

FRIDAY, MAY 8  |  9:00 AM (PT)

Join our live webinar to learn how modernizing your RSView 32 HMI to FactoryTalk View SE will uniquely position you to bring engineering, maintenance, production IT and operations together to create new business value.


Choosing the Right Servo Drive Control

Are all the Kinetix® Servo Drive choices driving you crazy? We cover all the scalable servo drive control options in the webinar. 

Modernize to a CompactLogix 5380

Change is inevitable. Make your upgrades and modernization an easy transition.

Access to Automation Software

It can be a daunting task to justify the purchase of software to get your job done, let alone deploy and manage it once the purchase is approved. Don't worry, help has arrived! Rockwell Automation now offers software as a subscription (SaaS), learn more in this webinar. 

Optimize Your Production Process
A modern manufacturing execution system (MES) can help you gain deeper insights into your operations, optimize production from your existing assets and be more responsive to the needs of your customer. Learn how you can become more efficient, track and trace your production and use analytics to help optimize your operations.

The Digital Transformation

In this webinar we discuss why many initial efforts are slow to deliver meaningful results and how to ultimately realize the significantly impactful outcomes a comprehensive digital transformation should deliver.

FactoryTalk InnovationSuite

To understand performance and make data-driven decisions, you need consistent, real-time insights, and that’s just not possible if you’re managing silos of data. FactoryTalk® InnovationSuite with Enterprise Operational Intelligence can help you see, act, and understand how you’re performing at the plant level and at the enterprise level—across people, assets, and production—and enable you to create a comprehensive set of strategic plans.

DCS Modernization

Converting a legacy control platform to a Modern DCS may be complex as each modernization project is unique. However, with proper planning and the right application of tools and methodologies, a successful implementation is within reach. This webinar will explore the barriers and benefits of DCS modernization, valuable methodologies, execution practices and contemporary tools to assist you in the successful planning, budgeting and replacement of a legacy DCS system.