Kinetix 5100 Servo Drives

    Rockwell's Kinetix® 5100 Servo Drives provide a scalable, cost-effective servo control choice in a single product line. With a wider choice of power range than comparable alternatives – up to 15kW – Kinetix® 5100 drives support applications controlled by stand-alone, Micro 800 or Logix for a range of performance requirements.

    With Integrated Architecture capabilities in mind – Kinetix® 5100 drives can be readily integrated with specially build AOI’s in Logix applications for Logix users. The drive comes with standard inputs & outputs, different mode of controls, plus Safe Torque Off and dual port EtherNet/IP for various network topologies. Designed for versatility, the Kinetix 5100 drives allow you to select the power you need and the ability to apply that to fit the unique needs of the application.


    • Offers more comprehensive power range than comparable solutions
    • Delivers safety features without additional parts or wiring with standard hardwired Safe Torque Off (STO)
    • Features 10 freely assignable digital inputs and 5 freely assignable digital outputs
    • Provides indexing function (with 99 segments) which allows more motion commands than comparable solutions without the need for a control system
    • Offers select stand-alone, Micro800™ or Logix control for a range of performance needs
    • Helps control system resonance with auto tuning features
    • Allows for control mode changes (i.e. speed to torque) on the fly
    • Integrates easily into Logix applications with specially designed AOI’s

    Kinetix TLP Servo Motor

    Tested and validated for optimized performance with the Kinetix 5100 servo drives, this motor is available in eight frame sizes and ranges from 50w to 15kW with a variety of options available to your application. Complete the customization of your system with a range motor cables and accessories. 


  • Provides an economy solution to meet wide ranges of applications
  • Optimized to match with drive ratings for optimum system sizing
  • Single-turn and multi-turn (battery required) option with one physical feedback device

  • Size Options – Customize your machine with 8 available frame sizes ranging from 46 to 235 mm.
  • Resolution – 24-bit high resolution absolute feedback.
  • Power Range – Rated power ranging from 50 W to 15 kW – a wider range than comparable motors.
  • Proven Performance, Global Use  – The Kinetix TLP servo motor is UL/CSA Recognized and CE marked. 
  • Brake Option – Integral 24V DC brake option for machine customization.