Huawei FusionHome Smart Energy Solution 
    Huawei brings you an optimized PV power generation, built-in plug & play battery interface and smart home energy management. The all-in-one PV system is easy to install and you never have to worry about potential customer complaints or problematic O&M. With Huawei, you can make your customers happy, without compromising financially.


  • Simple, elegant, single box design:
    Storage, Backup, RGM, 4G, WLAN, AFCI, Rapid shutdown all built in

  • Revenue Grade Meter, 4G/WLAN designed for TPO/Finance application
  • Fewer SKUs, easier operations: lower warehouse, logistics, service, training costs. 


  • 7.6kW Inverter 39.7lb (18kg), easy installation by one technician
  • Quick APP commissioning with smoother user experience
  • Optimizer files stored locally in inverter for easier future maintenance
  • Modular design for easier power unit replacement
  • No LCD & button design, smarter operation interface


  • The solution is designed for the PV + Storage future
  • Ready for rapid shutdown compliant with NEC 2014 and 2017
  • Battery ready for all sizes and easily expansion anytime in the future
  • UL 9540 certified for storage system can ease acceptance for installation
  • Backup power for critical loads, even when a battery hasn’t been installed