Look to OneSource when you need networking infrastructure products and solutions. As the select distributor in the U.S. of the Excel networking products and solutions, we provide everything you need—from ethernet and fiber optic cable to network racks. We understand that choosing the right cabling infrastructure solution for your business is critical, therefore our team is here to support and assist you from the beginning to end of your project. 


•    Extensive range 
The Excel solution range provides a comprehensive choice of products including cable, patch panels, modules, patch cords, connectors, adaptors and accessories, and more. 

•    Independent Verification
Certified by leading third-party tests, Excel solutions follow factory and product auditing, which guarantees that products meet all required standards.

•    Proven Solution 
Since 1997 Excel has enjoyed consistent growth and is now sold in over 70 countries. Count on OneSource and Excel for reliability, availability and standard-compliance.

•    25 Year Warranty
Excel offers a 25-year product and application warranty as standard on all installations completed by an accredited Excel Partner.


  • Your cabling infrastructure solutions is critical as it no longer provides just the connectivity for your IT system, it is the foundation of a modern building management system (BMS). Therefore, making the right choice creates a future proof, high performance, flexible platform from which your business can gain efficiency and cost benefits.  

  • Check out the Excel Corporate Brochure to find out about the brand

  • View the Excel Product List to find our available products