PLP carports are engineered and optimized to site-specifi c applications and PV solar installation. The modular structures feature a simplified design and integrated PV module mounting system designed to provide faster assembly rates and labor savings on every project. These solar support structures feature tilt angles that offer 0, 5, and 10 degree positions and an optional gasket sealing solution. PLP’s unique module clamping system offers 50 percent fewer components than traditional systems and has built-in ¾" spacing. This system offers 4-high or 7-high in portrait module mounting for single row or double row car parking with built-in wire management channels.

■ Columns span two parking spaces wide

■ Designs for single or double rows of cars

■ Six main components and attaching hardware

■ 0, 5, and 10-degree tilt options – positive or negative

■ Foundation design, engineering, and layout provided

■ Designed up to 30 PSF Snow and 120 MPH Wind (ASCE 7-10)

■ Shared module clamps – up to 50% fewer clamps

■ Galvanized steel components

■ Up to 15 feet of clearance

■ 60 or 72 cell module mounting

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