When standard just won’t cut it—come to OneSource Cutting Tool Solutions.  

    Application Specific Cutting Tools and Complete Tool Management take operations to a higher level of productivity – the exact right tool for the job can be a game changer.  At OneSource, we understand your needs and will make sure you get what you want!

    • Solidworks Design
    • Walter Helitronic 5 Axis Machines
    • Zoller Zoller Genius Measuring System
    • Online Access to your orders

Quality is our number one priority at OneSource CTS

OneSource Cutting Tool Solutions is a complete cutter manufacturing facility with specialized machinery to complement and support or advanced Walter Helitronic CNC machines.

Our tools go through multi-stage in-process inspection using the best in quality equipment including our Zoller Genius 3,  complemented by multiple on floor inspections stations. 
Final inspection and sign off ensure adherence to even the tightest tolerances first to last. 


    We offer personalized marking services 

    Our TYKMA industrial laser marking system is available for tool or part marking for any specification. Simply contact us for making your personlized marking.