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HB400 Optical Comparator - The Best Comparator Just Got Better!

When it’s critical to ensure parts are made to within stringent tolerances, you need the new HB400.

It’s simply easier to accurately evaluate parts and store resulting profile images and data needed for your records right on your network.

The HB400 Optical Projector with optional Metlogix M2 control software provides a broad range of powerful, user-friendly functions on a compact, icon based touchscreen interface in place of the traditional control. A Starrett optical projector with an M2 display offers a state of the art system that is powerful, intuitive and exceptionally accurate.

Go from Optical to Video with an Upgrade!

Purchase the HB400 with the OV2 Video Adaptor, or upgrade your present comparator. See below for more information on the OV2 Video Adaptor.

Click here or on the picture to see the YouTube video

  • Order with the OV2, Starrett’s innovative Optical-Video Adaptor to go from optical to video comparison!
  • Available with a choice of a MetLogix M2 (as shown) or several Quadra-Chek control systems
  • Optical Edge Detection Option
  • Fully usable 16" (400mm) screen diameter
  • Exceptionally stable, all metal construction for optimum performance and accuracy
  • Quick action change lens system: 5x, 20x, 25x, 31.25x and 50x lenses available
  • Dual mirror design for vertically correct image
  • Digital protractor for accurate angle measurements, 1’ resolution
  • Zero-set at any position
  • Click here to see the YouTube videonew window icon

OV2 Video Adapter - Go From Optical to Video Comparison With a Simple Upgrade!

Starrett OV2 Video Adapter

  • Special zoom lens and video camera interchanges with standard lens
  • Order with a new Starrett comparator or upgrade existing equipment
  • Quick and easy change from lens to video camera
  • 6.5:1 zoom lens with up to 32mm of working distance
  • Video magnification to 240X!
  • Click here to see the YouTube video new window icon

Kinescope with VLink Software - Portable Inspection System That Fits In Your Hand!

Starrett Kinescope

  • Combines a digital video camera, precision optics and LED lighting
  • Large zoom magnification range from 40-140X
  • Easy setup: Load VLink software, connect Kinescope with a USB cable, which also provides power.
  • VLink includes image capture, video, labeling and annotation tools.
  • Works with Dual Core PC, Windows
  • More information: Click here to see the YouTube video new window icon

SR100 Surface Roughness Tester - Accurately Measure Roughness Almost Anywhere

Starrett Surface Roughness Tester

  • Ideal for checking large components, structures, auditing batch production
  • A diamond stylus is drawn across the tested part as a cam driven motorized traverse mechanism ensures the correct horizontal distance is traveled.
  • Stylus picks up peaks and valleys, converts to an electronic signal
  • More information: Click here to see the YouTube video new window icon

#798 Series Electronic Caliper - Withstands Harsh Environments, Works with Wireless Network

Starrett Electronic Caliper

Custom Measurement Solutions - Starrett Design Staff Meets Your Exacting Requirements… Exactly!

Starrett Custom Measurement Solutions

  • Granite-based Engineered Solutions
    • Superior Vibration Resistance
  • Engineered Metrology Systems
    • Broad experience including multi-sensor systems
  • Custom Gage Fixtures
    • Solutions for applications that defy measurement like food containers
  • Handheld Tools & Gages

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